7 Things to Clean This Spring


7 Things to Clean This Spring

There are 7 things to clean this spring. Think of this as a checklist of often-overlooked apartment chores.
You probably don’t clean these every day, so it’s no surprise they’re frequently forgotten. Use this list to make your apartment fresh for spring.

Fabric Items and Allergen Traps

While we may be diligent in keeping our clothes and bedding clean, we often overlook the importance of cleaning other fabric items.
Neglecting to clean stuffed animals, throw pillows, curtains, pet beds, and throw rugs can cause them to accumulate dust and allergens, leading to unpleasant symptoms such as springtime sniffles.
Therefore, it is essential to regularly clean, deodorize, and remove allergens from these items to maintain clean and healthy living space.

Decorative Jars & Containers

Cleaning decorative containers such as vases and jars are often overlooked, despite their tendency to collect dust, grime, and dirt while remaining stationary. The most convenient cleaning method is to place them in the dishwasher.
However, if you have delicate containers that are not dishwasher-safe or do not have a dishwasher, soaking them in a sink is an excellent alternative. Fill the sink with hot water and add a small amount of dish soap, allowing the containers to soak for about an hour before rinsing and air-drying them.

Range Hood (or Oven) Filter

When cooking, your range hood plays a crucial role in collecting airborne grease to prevent it from sticking to your walls and ceiling. However, you must keep it clean to ensure its efficacy.
Spring cleaning is the opportune time to degrease the filter thoroughly.

Shower Shelves & Bathtub Caddies

Shower caddies and removable shower shelves provide a convenient storage solution for your bath products. However, constant moisture exposure makes them susceptible to accumulating soap scum, rust, and mildew.
Therefore, it is crucial to clean them thoroughly periodically to maintain their hygiene and prevent the growth of unwanted contaminants.

Garbage Disposal

Food residues of various kinds often come into contact with your garbage disposal, causing a buildup in and around the drain of your sink. To ensure your garbage disposal functions optimally, take a few minutes during your spring-cleaning routine to give it some much-needed attention.

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