The Ultimate Apartment Appliance Cleaning Guide


The Ultimate Apartment Appliance Cleaning Guide

All appliances are unique. Use The Ultimate Apartment Appliance Cleaning Guide to ensure you care for yours accordingly.

Perform Maintenance on These Appliances Every Season (Or Every 3 Months)


To extend the cleanliness of your refrigerator, promptly address spills and regularly discard perishable items. Following these practices, a more thorough cleaning should typically be necessary every three months. When conducting your seasonal fridge cleaning, ensure you wipe down each drawer and shelf individually. Remove any lingering crumbs or sticky residues from the fridge’s bottom, and dispose of any expired foods.Learn more about cleaning your refrigerator.

Oven & Stovetop

The same principles for maintaining a clean fridge apply to your oven and stovetop. Swiftly attending to spills and splatters means that a more comprehensive cleaning will only be required every three months. Refer to these blog posts for straightforward and efficient techniques to tidy up the different components of your oven and stovetop.

Perform Maintenance on These Appliances Monthly


Over time, leftover food particles can accumulate within your dishwasher and compromise its performance. A monthly cleaning routine for your dishwasher will aid in eliminating this buildup and ensure its continued efficiency.

Washing Machine

Similar to your dishwasher, it’s crucial to uphold the cleanliness of your washing machine to guarantee its optimal functioning. The positive aspect is that cleaning your washing machine is hassle-free, as the machine handles the process for you.


Caring for your clothes dryer doesn’t require the same approach as your washing machine. Nevertheless, there are two cleaning tasks to perform each month that contribute to its proper functioning: cleaning the lint trap and maintaining the moisture sensor.
Over time, residues from fabric softeners and dryer sheets can accumulate on the sensor, causing disruptions in drying cycles. However, using white vinegar or rubbing alcohol can effectively dissolve the buildup and keep the sensor in good condition.

Maintain These Appliances Weekly

Garbage Disposal

Regular cleaning is essential, given the substantial amount of food and grease that passes through your garbage disposal. A straightforward weekly cleaning routine ensures it remains free from food remnants and helps prevent blockages.
Once a week, sprinkle half a cup of baking soda into the disposal, then gradually pour half a cup of white vinegar. Seal the foam inside the disposal using your sink stopper, allowing the fizzing to subside for a few minutes. Flush the disposal with hot water to eliminate the loosened grime, and you’re finished! (If you possess a double sink, simultaneously carry out this cleaning procedure on both sides for optimal outcomes.)


Although cleaning your microwave weekly might appear excessive, doing so more frequently simplifies the process. With my uncomplicated steam cleaning techniques, it takes just a few minutes to wipe away splatters and leave your microwave gleaming.

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