14 Ways to Save Your Sofa


14 Ways to Save Your Sofa

A quality couch isn’t cheap; are you treating yours correctly? If you want your furniture to last, read these 14 ways to save your sofa!
Fortunately, bad habits can be broken, and these couch habits are easy to implement.

Switch Up Your Seating

Don’t sit in the same spot every time; switch up your seating! Sitting in the same spot every time wears the exact spot of the couch…every time.
This causes uneven wear and one spot to wear out before the rest. Instead, switch up where you sit to ensure even wear.

Don’t Jump

Jumping (or dropping heavy items) on the couch weakens the frame. A weak frame is less supportive, noisy, and will one day give out on you.
If your sofa reclines, always recline slowly and smoothly. Be gentle with your sofa and recliner to keep it functioning longer!

Vacuum It

Regularly vacuum your sofa to maintain the upholstery’s quality. Crumbs, dirt, and debris deteriorate your couch’s quality.
Remove the cushions and vacuum beneath them and around the frame, then use your vacuum’s upholstery attachment on the cushions.

Don’t Pollute It

Don’t pollute your sofa! Kitchen grease can cause your couch to smell and discolor it.
Always use the hood over your kitchen range when you cook.

Don’t Sleep on the Sofa

Sofas aren’t designed for extended periods of sleep. Sleeping on the couch overnight can cause sagging and deterioration.
We all take cat naps on the couch, but don’t get into the habit of spending the night on the couch!

Clean It

Clean your couch routinely. Just because it looks clean doesn’t mean it is (your hands look clean too, right?).
Thoroughly clean the upholstery at least once a year (if not more).

Use the Proper Cleaning Agent

“All-purpose” cleaners aren’t ideal. Use the proper cleaning agent(s) for your sofa’s material(s).

Protect the Upholstery

One of the simplest ways to protect the upholstery is to not eat or drink on the sofa. If eating dinner while watching your favorite show is one of your pastimes, throw a blanket or sheet over the couch.

Rotate the Cushions

Rotating the cushions allows for even wear (just like rotating the wheels on a car). Flip the cushions occasionally and swap their positions.

Place it in the Shade

Sunlight fades certain fabrics, so place your sofa in the shade. Close the shades during the day if your sofa is in direct sunlight.

Clean Stains Instantly

If you spill something on your couch, clean it up right away! Don’t wait for it to stain before you take action.
Addressing the stain immediately decreases the chance of it becoming permanent.

Implement Couch Rules

Couches aren’t cheap, so set rules right away. Don’t sit on the arms, don’t stand on it, don’t jump on it, don’t sleep on it, and don’t eat or drink on it.

Maintain It

Your sofa frame is likely screwed together. These screws loosen over time, so ensure they stay tight.
You might need help to flip it on its side and tighten the underside and foot screws. A few minutes of maintenance now will save a few hundred dollars for repairs later.

Move Furniture Cautiously

Never push, pull, or drag furniture. Always lift your furniture when moving it from one spot to another.
Furniture is at its most significant risk of damage when moving.

Ensure you implement these 14 ways to save your sofa to enjoy your furniture for the long-haul.

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