How to Use A Dishwasher


How to Use A Dishwasher

It’s surprising how much tension arises from the dishwasher. The number of arguments is countless, from loading and unloading it to debating its capacity and the timing of wash cycles.
Every dishwasher is unique, so if you want to know how to use yours, read the owner’s manual. Today, we’ll discuss tips and tricks to keep your dishwasher happy.

Keep Your Sponges Clean

It’s recommended to wash your kitchen sponge or dish brush once a week in the utensil compartment of your dishwasher. Weekly sponge washings will prevent the buildup of bacteria and mildew in your cleaning tools.

Give Extra Dirty Dishes Extra Attention

Create a pre-treatment solution for heavily soiled dishes by mixing a small amount of dishwasher detergent with a couple of cups of water in a spray bottle. Spray the solution onto the plates before loading them into the dishwasher, and let the detergent tackle the grease and grime for a sparkling clean finish.

Does Your Detergent Have a Rinse Aid?

Before adding rinse aid to your dishwasher, check if your detergent already includes it in the formula. You can skip adding extra rinse aid to your washer if it does.

Are the Spray Arms Clean?

If your dishes aren’t coming out as clean as they used to, try cleaning the small holes on your dishwasher’s spray arms with a toothpick. Over time, these holes can become clogged with gunk, reducing the spraying action and affecting cleaning performance.

Begin Unloading From the Bottom

Unload the bottom rack first to prevent water from dripping onto clean dishes.

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