Vacuum Hack for Hard-to-Reach Spaces


Vacuum Hack for Hard-to-Reach Spaces

Trying to clean those tight crevices is one of the worst parts of cleaning. Fortunately, we found the perfect vacuum hack for hard-to-reach spaces.
Most people mindlessly throw this piece of cardboard in the recycling, but it will transform how they vacuum hard-to-reach spots.

Cardboard Vacuum Attachment

Vacuum cleaners come with various attachments, and they all work pretty well. No matter how many attachments you swap out, tight crevices are still pain. The solution? Work smarter!
Keep your cardboard tubing from a roll of paper towel (or toilet paper) and make a vacuum attachment.

Attaching the Cardboard

Squish or fold the cardboard tube to attach it to the vacuum hose. Try to connect the cardboard as flush as possible so it’s secure.
If the cardboard doesn’t fit snugly, you may have to tape it. Keep in mind the vacuum will naturally secure the cardboard attachment while running.

Fitting the Cardboard

After the cardboard is attached, make it useful. Squish or fold the opening to meet your needs. You can trim the cardboard if it’s too long. Otherwise, leave it long for extra reach (especially handy for vacuuming in between car seats).

Attachment Uses

There are many ways to use the cardboard vacuum attachment. Here are a few of our favorite hard-to-reach spaces to use the vacuum hack.

1. Window Tracks

Flat, narrow attachments are excellent, but sometimes they don’t quite fit. Use the cardboard attachment to get everything out of the window track.

2. Drawers

Drawers quickly accumulate dust, dirt, and grime. Use the cardboard vacuum attachment to clean them effortlessly.

3. Vehicle Center Console

Vehicles’ center consoles are incredibly convenient; however, the cup holder and various small compartments are hard to clean. Quit smushing your fingers and let the cardboard attachment clean it.

4. Vents

Vents are another spot in your apartment that are hard to vacuum. Sure, you could dust these by hand, but why should you when your new vacuum attachment can?

5. Baseboards

Baseboards, like vents, are an absolute pain to clean by hand. Let the vacuum handle the task with ease.

Do you have any other uses for the cardboard attachment? Let us know how you use the vacuum hack for hard-to-reach spaces!

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