30 Things to Throw Out Now


30 Things to Throw Out Now

The hardest part is getting started; that’s why we created this list of 30 things to throw out now (or once you’re done reading this article). Picking a place to start can seem overwhelming, so use this list to get the ball rolling.
Divide these items into three piles; sell, donate, and trash. If you can make money, do it; otherwise, donate it or throw it in the trash. After you’ve freed your apartment of these items, you’ll have space to clean and organize. Okay, let’s get started!

Office Supplies

Office supplies add up quickly. How many empty pens and dried-out markers are polluting your apartment? Throw them out!

Obsolete Technology

Technology evolves fast, which means it becomes archaic quickly. Broken cell phones, old electronics, and other gizmos should be sold, donated, or (most likely) trashed.

Owner’s Manuals

How many owner’s manuals do you have for belongings you don’t have anymore? Chuck them out! Consider downloading digital owner’s manuals to your computer and recycling the bulky phone book-like print copy.

Cords, Cables, and Chargers

How many phone chargers do you have? Probably a lot, because you bought a new one and found the one you lost.
It’s alright; designate one for the apartment, one for work, and stash one in your purse, backpack, or in the glove box of your car. You will have a charger when you need one and successfully remove clutter.
Now, apply this concept to all your other cords and cables. Toss out any antiquated chargers!

Board Games

Have a board game you don’t play? Donate it! Have a board game with missing pieces? Throw it out! If you have a deck of cards with lost cards, recycle them!

Gift Wrap Supplies

It’s great to have gift wrap on hand, but anything torn or wrinkled isn’t usable. Likewise, if a roll of wrapping paper is too short for use, just chuck it out.

Idle Linens

Let go of extra blankets, sheets, and towels to free up your linen closet. Keep one or two additional sets of sheets, but any more is a waste of space.

Mysterious Remotes

We all have mysterious remotes lying around, but we shouldn’t! Most old electronics you’ve thrown out probably have a remote that should accompany its departure.

Unworn Clothing

Seasonal clothing is excellent! It keeps us comfortable, but any unworn articles of clothing must be sold, donated, or trashed. Anything that hasn’t been worn in the last year doesn’t make the cut!

Utensil Drawer

If your utensil drawer has become a “catch-all,” it’s time to downsize! Keep the best of duplicates, trash any measuring cups or spoons with illegible markings, and remove anything you haven’t used.

Travel Guides

Travel guides are beneficial. However, any guide over ten years old is most likely outdated.
Toss old travel guides out and only purchase the most recent ones. Smartphones with unlimited data and navigation make travel guides obsolete, but keeping one in your glove box is a good idea.

Flower Vases

How many flower vases do you need? Well, how many flowers do you want to take care of?
Keep your three or four favorite vases and sell or donate the others.

Makeup and Toiletries

Expired makeup must be thrown out. Anything you don’t use or never opened should be sold, donated, or gifted to a friend.

Reference Books

Reference books, like travel guides, are obsolete thanks to smartphones. Dictionaries, maps, and encyclopedias can be accessed instantly online.
Consider selling your reference books and downloading your favorite reference books’ phone applications.

Take-Out & Delivery Menus

Take-out and delivery menus are items of the past. Almost every restaurant has its menu on its website or social media. Recycle your collection of take-out menus and win back valuable apartment space!

Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning supplies add up quickly and steal precious space under the sink. Place your tried-and-true cleaning supplies and tools in a caddy and adequately dispose of all other products you haven’t used.

Keys and Keychains

No one likes a heavy keychain blowing out their belt loops or weighing down their purse. Likewise, your car key’s chain should not have any other keys as the weight will ruin the ignition over time.
Any old keys and keychains should be removed from your keychain.


You most likely don’t have too much paint in your possession, but if you do, ensure it’s stored properly. Paint that smells strange or doesn’t mix well must be disposed of responsibly.


Medicine bottles multiply like rabbits! If your medicine cabinet has expired vitamins, allergy prescriptions, and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), it’s time to purge!

VHS Tapes

You know what you must do if you have VHS tapes but do not have a player. Unless you’re a collector or regularly watch old VHS tapes, there’s no need to keep them around.

Phone Books

There is absolutely no need for phone books today. If you have one, recycle it.


If you have lone socks without their mate, use them as a mop head or fill them with baking soda to eliminate moisture and odor from stinky shoes. If you don’t need a mop head or a smelly shoe solution, just get rid of the socks. The only other option to keep them is to cut them up and use them as rags.


If you have glasses with your old prescription, drop them at a collection site. Most eyeglass retailers and vision centers have collection boxes.

Air Fresheners

Old air fresheners, candles, and aerosol cans should be tossed. Why do you still have it if it doesn’t do anything for you?

Reusable Shopping Bags

Reusable shopping bags are an excellent method to be environmentally friendly; however, how many does one person need? Go through your apartment and ensure you’re not hoarding unneeded green bags and totes.

Instruments and Sports Equipment

Do you have an instrument sitting in the corner? What about sports equipment you haven’t used in a few years?
Sell it if you can; otherwise, find a loving home for it. No need to keep anything in your apartment that you don’t use often.

Unworn Dress Clothes

Like seasonal clothes, dress clothes can sit unworn for years. If you have a suit that’s out of style or still hanging on to a bridesmaid or prom dress you’ll never wear again, sell it!

Schoolwork and Art Projects

Schoolwork and art projects can be a great trip down memory lane, but you don’t need to keep every single one. Keep the ones that make you proud (and laugh) and part ways with everything else.

Containers Without Lids

Containers are convenient, but they have no use if they don’t have a lid. Any containers without lids (and lids without containers) won’t make the cut and must be removed from your apartment.

Kitchen Appliances

Sell or donate any kitchen appliances you don’t use. Obviously, don’t sell the refrigerator, dishwasher, or microwave.
Use your disposal discernment and rid your apartment of any toasters, microwave ovens, blenders, or other counter-appliances taking up space.

Now that you know 30 things to throw out right now, get cracking! Otherwise, set aside a few hours to address the items on this list in the next few days.
Your apartment will appear much larger, and your roommates will be incredibly grateful. Check out our blog for more apartment living tips!

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