The Best Spring Cleaning Checklist


The Best Spring Cleaning Checklist

Spring cleaning is a hefty task, especially if you have your own apartment. If you’re struggling to get started, don’t panic; we’re here to help.
It’s easiest to break one big project into several smaller tasks, which is why the best Spring cleaning checklist divides tasks by each room. Clean your apartment room by room rather than trying to clean it simultaneously.


Perform a thorough cleaning of your floors by sweeping and mopping them. Don’t forget to clean the area underneath your appliances as well.
Give your dishwasher a good cleaning, and clean your oven and microwave. Remove any old food from your fridge, wipe down the inside and outside, and defrost and clean the freezer.
Vacuum the coils behind your fridge to keep it running smoothly.
Clean your cabinets and organize your pantry. Don’t forget to clean your range hood filter, stove burners, and burner pans to keep your kitchen looking and functioning at its best.


Give your toilet a thorough cleaning inside and out. Clean your bathtubs and showers, and soak your shower heads in vinegar to remove buildup.
Don’t forget to launder your bath mats, rugs, shower curtain liners, and towels. Replace old toothbrushes and discard expired makeup, toiletries, and hairbrushes. Organize your cabinets, drawers, and closets to keep everything tidy.
Clean your exhaust fan to ensure it’s functioning correctly. Finally, inspect your grout lines and caulking for any signs of damage that may need to be addressed.

Living Room

Wash your throw pillow covers and blankets to keep them fresh and clean. Dust and polish your furniture to remove any buildup and bring out its natural shine.
Don’t forget to dust your decor items and picture frames to keep them looking their best. Clean your fireplace to ensure it’s functioning properly and looking great.
Finally, spot-clean any upholstery as needed to keep it looking clean and fresh.


To extend the life of your mattress, flip or rotate it regularly. Donate any unwanted or unused clothes to clear out your closet space.
Organize your closets, dressers, and nightstands to keep everything tidy and easy to find. Finally, launder all washable bedding, including pillows, blankets, and mattress pads, to keep them fresh and clean.

Work or Study Space

Shred and recycle unnecessary documents to clear your space and protect your privacy. Organize your filing system to make it easier to find important documents when you need them.
Clean and organize your desk drawers to create a clutter-free workspace. Dust your bookshelves to keep them looking neat.
Finally, organize your office and craft supplies to make it easier to find what you need when you’re working on a project.

Patio or Balcony

Wash off your balcony and ensure your patio furniture is clean and ready for use. You’d hate to have dirty patio furniture with guests over.

How To Leverage This List

Choose a room and task when you have free time, and start cleaning! You can print multiple copies of the checklist to cover additional rooms, such as bathrooms and bedrooms.
If you complete a task with time to spare, select another one and keep going. This way, you’ll finish your spring cleaning quickly and with less stress. Moreover, you’ll experience the immense pleasure of ticking off the tasks on your spring cleaning checklist!

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