The Best Shower Cleaner


The Best Shower Cleaner

The best shower cleaner is comprised of two ingredients. In a world where fancy brand-name products rule the world, it’s essential to keep it simple.
Use this solution to break down the toughest water stain and soap scum in your apartment shower.

The Process

A clean shower feels delightful; however, hard water stains, mildew, and soap scum can make the cleaning process seem endless. Achieving the desired level of cleanliness and freshness can be daunting without the appropriate cleaning solution, regardless of how much elbow grease is applied.

What Makes Hard Water Difficult to Scrub?

While all water contains trace minerals, the increased concentration of minerals in hard water makes it more likely to leave unsightly water spots and crusty mineral residue.
According to estimates, around 85% of the water supply in the United States is classified as hard water, which means that most of us have to contend with the stubborn mineral buildup and stains that come with it.

The Best Shower Cleaner

Surprisingly, the best shower cleaner does what other products cannot. It’s effective for glass shower doors and acrylic, fiberglass, tile, and laminate shower surrounds.
However, it is not recommended for natural stone showers as vinegar’s acidity can compromise the porous surfaces.

Mix the Best Shower Cleaner

Combine equal parts of Dawn dish soap and white vinegar in a spray bottle. Gently shake the bottle to mix the solution well, then spray the shower from top to bottom.
Allow the best shower cleaner to sit for 30 minutes before rinsing it off.

Mixing Tips

The solution will mix faster if the vinegar is warm. Heat a cup of vinegar in the microwave until hot, and cautiously pour it into a spray bottle.
Add an equal part of Dawn dish soap to the spray bottle, screw on the lid, and gently shake.

Application Tips

The solution is potent; the bathroom must be ventilated. Turn on the fan and open the windows.
The vinegar smell will fade quickly after the rinse. The result is worth it; otherwise, we wouldn’t tell you to use it!

Cleaning Tips

Use a scrub brush to help remove any tough stains or scum. Don’t forget to thoroughly rinse the shower surround and floor to prevent new grime and a slipping hazard.

How the Cleaner Functions

White vinegar removes smells, stains, and many other things, while Dawn dish soap breaks through grease and grime. Dawn adds viscosity (thickness and resistance to flow) to the mixture so it sticks to the shower and tub walls.
When mixed, these two cleaners become a powerhouse. Use it today and enjoy your fresh shower and bathtub!

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